St. Joseph's Technical Institute Anthem

Sing firm still oh praise your stand

St. Joseph’s triumphant.

No one fills the space you hold

Deep the core of this nation.

Let us …….. Salute you with vigour

Let us …….. Uplift the stand

Let us …….. Keep the spirit

On let’s move.


For the hard working gestures

Men/Women at work together

Embracing beauty of our country

Gentlemen/Ladies we admit.

We sing ……. A song of bless

We sing ……. Evoke wisdom

We sing ……. Spiritual wisdom

So as to work at God’s will.


For job making we the trainees

Diversification of economy

Brighter future we shall have

More so our targets are valued.

Bless Oh Lord ….. The work of our hands

Bless Oh Lord ….. The knowledge of learning

Bless Oh Lord ….. Teachers to carry on

No pain no gain our Motto.


Composed and written by Bwerenga Nathan Junior

Electrical Department 1998 - 2000